Board Recruitment Form

Help us get to know you by completing this Board Recruitment Form and Questionnaire. This information will help us explore how you could complement the Center’s needs and receive mutual benefits by participating on the Board of Directors. Please be sure to read the Board Recruitment general information.

Email your CV/Resume and headshot to with subject line: "CenterSF Board Resume/Headshot".



Before answering the following questions please keep your original responses in a saved Word document and copy/paste in the response boxes below.

1. What about this opportunity motivates you? What element of our mission are you most passionate about? Provide examples of your experience expressing this passion.

Thank you for your interest to join the Center for Architecture + Design Board of Directors! Questions? Contact

2. What special skills can you contribute (i.e. marketing experience, grant writing, fundraising, other volunteer or board service, etc.)? As you consider the board duties and opportunities, what roles are of most interest?

3. What expectations do you have for serving on the board? Are you comfortable with the time and financial commitments? Do you have anticipated constraints?